2II : Détective Stories

Dans la cadre du cours d’anglais voici les travaux des élèves :

The Strange Forest


    Two years ago three teenagers : Pierre Fleutot, a brilliant student and Vanessa Arnaud, the girlfriend of Mike Libessart, an American footballer went camping and only one of them came back, he tells us his story.

    On January 19, 1998, I went camping in the forest with my girlfriend and one of our friend, we finished setting around 19 hours. Pierre went to fetch wood for the fire, ten minutes later, we heard a scream, it was the voice of Pierre. As soon as Vanessa heard screaming, she took part in the forest in search of Pierre. I told myself that it was safer to wait for them when i realized that they were not coming back, i preferred to go and get someone who could help me to return them without being killed. Fifteen minutes later, i found myself at Sherlock’Mius’s place to explain the situation to him quickly and then left for the forest. When we arrived, we found the camp destroyed. We started the search around twenty o’clock, from the first minute we found the corpse of Pierre with wooden and to these sides. It was concluded that the person doing this had taken Vanessa away, so we continued the search a little further in the forest. After thirty minutes of searching we finally found something, there was a cave and footprints. We came, in, there were skeletons on sticks like totems, at the bottom of the cave, we found Vanessa tied and bleeding, she had no more knowledge, we approached to release her but as soon as we touched her, a bomb exploded on her back. We were propelled and when I opened my eyes, I saw a man approaching to catch me but he saw that Sherlock had a we apen so he left and we did no see him again.

That was the testimony of Mike Libessart the survivor of this dramatic case. After two years of research we have not found the killer but we managed to make a portrait, according to our descriptions the man is blond with standed eyes and blue and finally he has black skin. If you meet a person in this description do net hesitate to contact us    


(in press interview)

I would never have thought that I would be there one day. I mean, in an interview. I’m not a true inspector, I’m just an average girl from a terrifying street.

All of sudden, a journalist broke my thoughts up

Journalist: “So miss, how did you found it was him”

Elisabeth: “At the beginning, I didn’t now who was the mugger but I left that something was wrong. Would you believe every year before the neighborhood’s party one y my neighbor dispared white anyone knowing what happened to them and, one day sadly to Bertrand Haché, I this shoes. From that moment, I started to distrust him.”

Journalist: “So what happened next?”

Elisabeth: “well a night, I was watching TV when I bumped into a report about a cannibalism case. Suddenly, a journalist said most of the time the criminal wasn’t the one we thought. All of sudden, I understand. And I was frighten. I remember that mister Haché was in charge of the meats. I couldn’t believe it, it was impossible to me. I decided to go to bed. The day after, I couldn’t stop thinking about this idea. This story was very strange, there were ten people from my street who were missing only leaving behind them a yellow plastic duck. So, I has to searched his dustbin. Sorry, I can’t tell more about this but I can tell you that I find huge clues.”

Journalist: “Do you know about the way, that the murderer killed this victims?”

Elisabeth: “The crazy man killed his victims by putting a plastic duck in their throat. After, he cut his victims and he put them on his blue mincer for chop them.”

Journalist:  “Do you now why he used plastic duck?”

Elisabeth: “Sorry, I’m not a psychologist!”

Journalist: “Thank you for answering my questions.”

I would never have can tell, That I have fumble in the bin without money order. And that I had found the collar of the neighbor of left as well as his arm.

                                                                          By Bertrand Haché group’s

The hidding girl

The personn who died, is a hidding daughter of a famous and rich man, and he had send his only daughter to a little village far of him. Only the teachers of jade know about his secret.

At school jade doesn’t have good results and she did what she want in class. At the end of year Jade have make his teacher absolutely angry. At a party in the school, Jade walked alone and she fall and lay-down. Someone come behind her and kill him with a dictionary. After the party, the cleaning person have found Jade’s body and he called and the scientific police come to research some clues , they have only found some fingersprints, one of them is at another teacher in the schoolwho is a close friend of jade’s teacher and the others fingerprints is at the cleanning personn. so the detective who has this case Mr. Hamilton and he is one of the best detective in England, he stars to ask some questions to the cleanning personn :”when did you found the victim ?” “ I found it like 1 hour  ago” “Okay and why did you move the body” “ I don’t  move he just fell on me and I just escaped of this” “ okay thanks for your time stay able to join us if I need you for more questions”

“ Just did you see the another teacher ?” “ Mr Joey? No, I didn’t see him after the crime”

So, the detective try to see Mr. Joey and he came to his house. Mr Joey wasn’t in his house, they fumble his house to gets some clues, after a long research they just found a camera of school with his recording, they watch the recording and they see a personn who have a man appearance but they can’t see his face because the personn have a mask. They just get out of his house, after a long night of research, they see a big car, so they are interrogated about this car. Mr.Hamilton ask a question to himself:” why a rich men will come in a poor city ?” the car just arrest in front of Mr.Hamilton and a old man with rich clothes get of the car. He told to the detective:”I’m the father of Jade, I come from ” the detective was impressed because he doesn’t know that Jade have a father and he is surprised because his father was a very famous actor but his carrer isn’t good that it was, he thought she was orphelin.But something perturbate him, the car was in the village since one week, he know later that the father of have did a poker party during the two last night with to friend of him. The father know his girl was a bag thing for his career, so he paid someone to kill him and this personn is the Mr. Joey because he lost an important somme of money during his poker party and Mr.joey was hidding in the secondary house of the father of jade. So, Mr.Hamilton just arrested Mr.Joey and Jade’s father. 

 Patrick’s Story

By a beautiful summer morning, the Cooper’s family was waking up, in their home in Castlecity. The parents, Mary and John, were eating in the livingroom with their daughter, Britney. We could heard the bird’s singing. John was reading the newspaper. Suddenly, they heard a frightening scream. They were panic stricken, they ran to Oliver’s room then, they saw Oliver who was crying. « What’s happend ? » asked Mary, « Patrick is missing ! » sobbed Oliver. It was his guinea pig. « I’m pretty sure it’s your fault, you have let the garten door open yesterday evening when were eating outside » accused Oliver to his father.

  Few moments later, Oliver called his bestfriend, Mister Dexter. « Hi dude, I have an enormous problem. I need you. You and only you can resolve the mysterious Patrick’s missing. « I’m your man. I take my raincoat, my pipe and I come ».

  Ten minutes after, « knock knock knock ». « I’m glad to see you but I have a bad new about Patrick ». « Oh god ! Explain me ! »… « It may be your sister’s fault because she doesn’t like Patrick ». « You are right. More yesterday morning she told me that he stank and that she was more than fed up ».         « Indeed it’s curious. Let’s ask her about her day yesterday »

  At Britney’s room, « Hands in the air murderer ! » cried Dexter. « What are you playing on that snotty band ? » asked Britney. « Don’t fall in her game, she tries to turn our brain over » replied the friend. « What were you doing yesterday ? » asked Oliver. « I went shopping with Jennifer. You can call her if you wish » said Britney . « It’s ok » reply Dexter « Now get out of my room ! » said Britney. « Let’s go outside, we may find some clues… » proposed Oliver.

  They were drinking fruits juice when they heard a bark. It was the neighbour’s dog, Bob. They ran to the neighbour’s house. Ding dong ! « Hi boys, what’s going on ? » asked the neighbour. « Hi, I missed my ginea pig, could your dog have escaped your garden and eat it ? » supposed Oliver.        « That’s absolutly impossible, we have fenced all around the house so Bob can’t go out ». « Thank you for listening to us and sorry for disturbing you, have a nice day ». « Good luck in your research ! » encouraged the neighbour.

  Back at home, the tow boys gave up the invastigation and went in the Oliver’s bedroom. « I will never see Patrick again… » cried Oliver. « Don’t worry I am sure that Patrick is happy in his new life with lots of friends ! » reassured Dexter.« I hope. Are you hungry ? ». « Oh yes ! This story opened my appetit ». « My mom is back, let’s go cook waffles with her ! ».

  The tow friends were on the deck to get into the kitchen when they saw that Marie was clining the aspirator. There was hair everywhere on the floor !!! Oliver and M.dexter understood what happened. Last evening, Marie had hoovered Patrick with the aspirator. Oliver looked at his mother,                    « NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! »

Uncle Ben against De la Motte Chazelle

Ted Faro: Hello, today we welcome a famous french Inspector who have resolve many difficult crime in the last ten years. Hello Inspector de la Motte Chazelle.

Louis-Napoléon de la motte Chazelle: Hello Mister Faro.

Ted Faro: I’m a journalist fo the BBC and I ask you somme question for the reasisation of a reportage on the Mrs McGonnagall’s crime. So, what happened that day when Misses Albus Mc Gonagall was died ?

Louis-Napoléon de la motte Chazelle: That was a black and wild night with wind and a full red moon. That evening Mc Gonagall went to her party because she got her driving licence. Before her party she wanted to take a bath, to smell good she had bought a new shampoo. But the seller of the shop in which she went was her former employer. She went there anyway and bought a bourbon vanilla shampoo. Returning home, she went to run a bath, she began to take a shower when she felt tingling throught her body. She felt a burning pain all over her body. As his neighbors describe us, they heard a cry from her apartment and nothing. Her best friend Miss Leila Sparrow described us what she did after finding Miss Mc Gonagall according to her, all the guests had arrived before the MM Gonagall she decided to go and see in her friend’s house to find out what it had happened. Upon entering the apartment, which was open, she felt a chemical smell. She went around the apartment until she arrived in the bathroom and she found the bath. I’m going to give not happy details, in this bath there was the bones and best friend’s organs, they had been dissolved. She was 27. From that moment I conducted the investigation and found the culprit. Despite the helplessness Miss Sparrow’s she was among my suspects and the seller of the shampoo.

Ted Faro: Tell me the history of this investigation, and why do you have arrest the criminal?

Louis-Napoléon de la motte Chazelle: From the investigation report, it was likely that the murderer was one of the two suspects we had caught, Mr Peter Soron and Mrs Leïla Sparrow. You said that Miss McGonnagall had bought scented products before returning home and taking her bath, and well the manager of the store where Miss McGonnagall bought these products happened to be our dear Mr Soron. But why would he want her dead ? I had made an investigation on this subject and the facts date back to July 21, 1989 when The victim was 25 years, she had at the time postulated for a title of accountant in a Thai restaurant that Mr Soron held at the time. She left that post after a year, without explaining the reasons. I directed my research towards a possible assault but then I discovered something that seemed strange to me, large sums of money had entered Mr Soron’s bank account and it was here that I discovered the truth Mr Soron was selling Mexican children illegally and had finally been discovered by his accountant Miss McGonnagall, after 10 months, the victim wanted to stop working for him and resigned by possesed of compromising information about Mr. Soron who was called « Uncle Ben » in the world of crime. Mr Soron stayed in contact with the victim to watch her, and one day I think she wanted to tell everything so Mr Soron bought the store where she used to go and poured into one of the bottles he had specially prepared for her intentions a dose of hydrochloric acid contained in the ring that he carried on his finger, Miss McGonnagall then bought the bottle and you know what happened next. Meanwhile, Mr Soron sold his store and was about to take a plane to Moldova far from any suspicion when we stopped him. End of story, today, Mr. Soron is serving a 50-year prison sentence for Mexican trafficking and deliberate murder.

Ted Faro: Thank you Inspector. Thank for this interview and for your time.

Louis-Napoléon de la motte Chazelle:  It was a pleasure!

Manon Dubreuil, Martin Girardeau

Murder at the casino

    It was a gloomy night, twenty years ago, the 21th  December 1997. Mr Jacket was in his home when the police called him. Being the best detective, he musted resolve the case. He went to the police office and read the case’s paper. A casino was steal by someone and the director was assassinate by a knife. When Mr Jacket arrived at the casino, all of the customers were go back to their home. There was nobody, just the corpse of Mr Cena , the director, next to the door of the safe. All money was steal, 2 billions dollars. It was the most bigger steal of the century so the detective musted absolutely find the murderer .He went meet the customers of the 21th december but they hasn’t see or heard anything. No fingerprints , no clues. How find the murderer. At this moment, Mr Jacket thought it was impossible :

«  I can’t do anything ! We have to use other minds »   

    So usualy, he came back to his home and drank his tea. He reflected a long time then the found an idea. Maybe the murderer has dige a hole under the floor to come until the safe. He went to the casino and surched some clues and by hazard he found a small black tissue, who belonged to the murderer’s DNA and the game was played, his name was Markus Rushmeed, an old employer of the casino. He was popular of police’s services. Then, Mr Jacket went rapidly to Markus’s house.

    He was not here but a letter was put on the table, a suicid’s letter. Mr Jacket hasn’t need to surch him, he went back to the garden and saw his corpse, dead by a bullet in the head. But why ? Why did he do that ? Twenty years after, it’s again a myster.

The Redirk Lake

Jennie Andersonn was dead the 10th May 2038 when she do her running usual.

        Jennie Andersonn was a woman, she had 32 years old and she had a good life. She was married, her husband name’s Andrew, and they had a child name’s Matthew and he had 7 years old. She was very sportive so she running every Saturday at 7:30 am around the Redirk Lake. She had take this habit since 2 years old.

        One day, she ran like every Saturday but she not come back at her home. Three hours later that she was left her house, Matthew begin to be worry. He talk about his anxiety at his father. But Andrew said : “Don’t worry, Mum must had have an expected event”. Matthew stay a little worry. One hour later, Andrew decided to call his wife for know where she is. But five calls later, she never had take down. He decided so to take his car and going to the Redirk Lake. He did not find she. So he call the police for found his wife. His mind was preoccupied to where was Jennie. Andrew gave many information at the police : name, Jennie’s usual, her favorite places, her friends, her family, her job… He finished to the physical description : short straight black hair, green eyes, little nose, she had usual to make pink lipstick… She is tall and muscle. And she had dull skin too.

        The police went around the Redirk Lake for begin research. It doesn’t found Jennie so it was going watch all places where Jennie go usually. The police still haven’t found Jennie. One officer said to call a detective because 24 hours later, they had not many clues. The detective John went quickly and begin to search clues. John asked the police, it said they had found a water bottle that it must do DNA test because maybe it’s the one of Jennie. After tests, the police had reasons : it’s Jennie’s DNA on the bottle. So she was going run here. The possibility that it was a kidnapping was remote. The police continue the research but nothing to much. Suddenly, an officer went said at the detective that he had seen a woman floating on the edge of the lake. It was Jennie. After that, the police doesn’t know why she was arrived here. They decided to do an autopsy. Peoples went to speak at the police while the autopsy was being made. They said that they heard about this case and that they came here every morning and that they heard a rifle this Saturday morning. The autopsy revealed a heart attack. The police remained at the scene of the accident for a few more days, and on the following Saturday, gunshots were heard by two policemen who then ran towards the noise and found hunters who claimed to come hunting every Saturday morning around the Redirk. Lake. Jennie’s death was therefore a mere accident and not a murder. Andrew and Matthew now live more in anxiousness but in sadness.


Puzzle’s Jenny

« Please, detective Stone, I need you on this one. You’re better than me at this. » Said a deep but friendly voice in the phone.

« A dead body has been found by a young woman in the dust bin of the building where she lives. And actually, it’s her neigbhour. A woman, as old as you are, named Penny. What’s kind of funny is that her body is missing an eye, a hand and a leg ! And we don’t know where it is ! I am actually searching for the one who murdered her. I asked the whole building about her, almost all of the people who lives in here doesn’t liked her ! She used to be really noisy, unrespectful and mean with everyone. Well, it’s not what you need to know. I am in charge of this part. What I’m asking for you is to found the three missing parts of her body. It’s something the lab need to have, so we can found who is the murderer easier. » Silence.

« Are you with me on this one Storm Stone ? » Another silence. 

Storm, who has been quiet the whole time his friend talked to him, coughs and decided to finally talk. « That’s really sweet about you Sherlock, but actually I was thinking about making honey. My sweet bees are waiting for me you know. As my dad used to say : Bees are keys ! Or, something like that. I don’t remember well but you know what I mean don’t you ? 

« I don’t. »

« Err. You don’t have bees, that’s why. You know, they’re are–

« Are we done talking about your bees Storm ? Do you remember the time you used to be the most famous detective of England ? You were more famous than I am now. Why not being together for this ? You could regain youth for a time. »

« Okay, you got me saying I was most famous than you. You can send me all the informations I need to know and I’ll deal with it. »

It was a sweet night of june, the sweetest of the year. Storm was sitting in a thai’s restaurant, waiting for his plate. When it finally cames in front of him, even with his eyes who squint, he saw, through his heart’s glasses, the thing who made him wondering.

This eye, among all the salad (it was really apetizing by the way), looked exactly like a human eye. The detective, knew that it wasn’t only his imagination. This eye was definitely not an fish eye like the menu said.

For no reason, he knew that he should bring the eye with him. Actually, he didn’t even knew why, but he felt it. His hat told him. Yeah. His hat. His top hat to be exact. Since his dad gave it to him, he always said that his hat was talking to him. To be honest, even if it seems weird, it really helped him sometimes. In it, he was used to put things that could help him in his research. Some years ago, he had put a cute little snake inside, and it helped him scare off someone who wanted to steal him his croissant.

And today, the sterile plastic bag who have been waiting for him for weeks, can finally help him. He took it and with a sterile white glove, he put the eye inside. 

It may not be the eye of Penny,the woman who died, but it could be funny if it was ! Sherlock Holmes and himself could have a great laughs party, talking about this story. Yes, it was kind off distgusting. That’s why he decided to leave the restaurant, without eating a thing. Nevertheless he was starving. The things he do for his job.

It was Penny’s eye.

« Detective Stone ! At last I found you ! Have you recovered all the parts of our victim, Jenny ? »

« Yup ! I have ! It was like a treasure hunt ! I had a lot of laughs ! I found the eye in a salad, the hand in a park. I was walking my little chihuahua Master-King at the park, and he bring me somewhere. At the gardeners office. And on the floor, among all the rake, there was the hand. It was creepy creepy creepy creepy ! I put it in my hat and I ran away. I didn’t wanted to keep it to long on my head ! Then I found the leg in a cemetery, while I was on a walk. You know that I found cemeteries beautiful, they’re the fourth thing I like the most  in the world after my bees, my chihuahua and my hat. Anyway. It was near to the tomb of my uncle, Jean-Jean. I saw something weird, rising from the floor and when I decided to approach it, it was definitely a leg ! Jenny’s leg ! Funny huh ? »

« Well, I already found something more funny that this. »

« What could be more funny than an eye in a salad, a leg in a cemetery and a hand in a garden ? »

« The fact that the murderer is one of your college’s friends. And that the victim was also your friend. »

« Haha,yeah, that’s a great joke. »

« And it’s not a joke. His name is Stabilo and apparently, he was your bestfriend at college. He told us everything. When you were younger, he was in love with a girl, Penny. But Penny used to love you. So Stabilo was jealous of you and mad after you and Jenny. He then decided to devote his life at the task of revenge himself. Every place whereyou found a part of Penny’s body was apparenly tied with your teenager history. So the park, the cemetery and…

« And the thai’s restaurant »

« And the thai’s restaurant, were tied with it. »

« That is definitely really weird. I’m not feeling well. Maybe I should have stay with my bees at my house. They’re the ones who doesn’t ever surprise me. I love my bees. »

  ~A story by Salami and Red Wine (Who is who ? We don’t even know.)~

Joe Infermer investigate

        Hello his name is Joe Infermer. He lived something that he will never forget we were a 2 October 1946. This story happened in Austria. She has marked him by the violence of acts. He smoke lot but this is don’t hallucination.

        When, we arrived in the crime scene. He discovered corpses cut in two. There was blood everywhere on he ground pool of blood and on the wall there was splash of blood thrown at the corpses. Seeing the corpses he immediately that the corpses had been cut to the chainsaw. While searching the clues in the home fingerprints could be found. The person who killed didn’t leave lot of prints. Entering post office they found more information about the family Jewish will say intentity of Nazi. It fingerprints to, Van Houten, a autrichian. He was Nazi. So the family wanted to denounce the Nazi. Van Houten had a home in a dark forest. He could him friends to investigate it.

        When he arrived at the hide home he was thinking about what he learnt two hours ago, but he saw a light through a window. He walked silently next to the home but anyone was inside. He rushed the door when the light switched off and he herd a door sound. He was scared but he was courageous and he force a door open to discover what happened inside. There were lot of chairs next to walls and a desk at center. He saw two doors open and one close , he was insight so he knew illegal thinks was happening behind the close door there were probably traps. He was searching a plan when a women screamed. He rush the door but it was open by a men who wear only black clothes. The men ran on him and Joel knocked and kill him with his gun. The sound resonated on the corridor behind the door , there was a  cellar. The inspector called his friends stayed on the car and they hid them on the kitchen. The women screamed a last time and a gun sound died on the silence. They were recovering when a men said « Get out , I’m coming ». Joel looked his friend and his their eyes he red their thinks, they stayed. Echoing footsteps resonated on the corridor and they loaded their weapons, « We wait you ». They hid them behind a pile of chairs. We heard a metallic sound and a thick smoke release it on the room. Joel and his friend were blinded when hands strangle the inspector, he couldn’t screamed and passed out. When Joel woke up his aggressor was take him hostage. A police siren broke the silence, and He thought his friends called police. Now he knew he gonna die because he can’t escape the cellar. Suddenly, police broke the door and shot his aggressor, but before he died he pulled the trigger and joel’s spirit left his body.

        The inspector Infermer died of his injuries when he arrived to the hospital. The aggressor , Van Houten killed by policemen was the chief of a big plot witch killed  jew who who wanted give name of nazi. The sleuth’s death was dramatic for his friends. After that on the cellar policemen found corpse of jew and a chainsaw. Before this investigate Houten’s accomplices was in travel in France to learn clues about a french jaw organization. When they came back to Houten’s house they found a KGB symbol but infermer’s friend don’t knew that , unfortunately.

                                                           Run for your life

It was the first day of winter holidays. There was snow outside and the wind was howling. In the little village of alirty, there was a crime. Today, the murderer was arrested. This criminal is very famous of polices service.This afternoon, the police and the judge will put himin prison. All people arrived and sit down. The judge named mister Pig called the witness to the bare :

« Good afternoon Mister Pouetpouet tell us what you saw ane week before .»

« I saw a tall man in the street. He wears sun glasses and long velvet coat. He has long black hair, a long beard to. He was with a small man… »

The small man here is Mister Blood. It was killed a weekn ago by the god of crime.

 « In fact, mister Blood was abused by this man in a littke dark street. I saw it but i was too afraid to do something. Admittely, I didn’t pay attention and I come back in my house. Yesterday night, I called the police to explain what I saw. »

« Mister Polei, you are the inspector of this investigation : can you explain what you’ve done to the resolue the case ? » asked the judge.

«  Of course ! In fact, five days ago, we found a corpse in the river. A fisher called the police because he caught the body. The scientist try to find a part of DNA on a hair stuck in the button of the victim’shirt. Mister Blood was abused, we found marksof defense on the victime’s body. Mister Blood had there bullets in the head. The gun was a 9 milimeters. A diving team found the weapor and the bushirgs in the lake. But we didn’t arrive to idently the god of crime. »

« Do you want to know how I killed Mister Blood everybody ? » asked the criminal

«  don’t do that ! » rplied his lawyer

« I run after him. In the forest, On the beachuntil the lake, he was crying and screaming… It was pathetic… try to kill him with my gun but the bullet arrived in is knee… He tried to run again but I catch him and I put him in my boat and I attached his arkles and ,his hands with chairs. I pushed him in the water and at( the beginning, he tried to swimduring two or three minutes. I was looking him at the moment, it was very funny ! I taike him out of the water and i put around him mor(e and more chairs. He was heavy but I arrived to let him in the lake again. He struggled again and again, but he erded up sinking. Blup, blup. Some bubbles and nothing. »


After one month the inspector as conclued the enquete, it was very rude because the scentifict has just one peaces of DNA of the criminel but in reality is the god of crime who is the criminel.

The Johnson family

   The story begin in the small city of the USA . The city is calm and awesome. The people get along well each other. The Johnson family is a rich family. Jean and Anna have been married since ten years. They had two children, their name is Lucas and Clothilde. It’s discreet family and they didn’t have problem with other people.


   All this started on a winter evening on December 13th, the family was telling that it was an evening like the others. They were eating then they were going to sleep. The next morning, a runner find a dead body in a pit near the road to one kilometer from the house, the runner’s description was horrible. The victim was lying in a pool of blood and the victim was very pale. After sometime, the detective went to the crime scene. The detective John Walker in charge of the investigation was searching clues. The detective noticed some tire tracks on the road next to the corpse. She had a severe head trauma and injuries all over the body. Thanks to the evidence found, John thinks that the victim was thrown violently by the vehicle and he thinks of a voluntary homicide. Two next days, John received the results of the autopsy of the body, the footprints of her husband were raised after that John was questioning the family of the victim. The husband answered to be innocent to the murder and that it was normal it was his wife and that they often made them selves hugs. Since the children one says that they were sleeping and that they have not noticed anything strange in his behavior.


   The detective found Jean anxious and nervous after interrogation, so he was inspected the couple’s car. He noticed that the bumper was distorted at the front of the vehicle and there was blood belonging to Anna. Then Lucas confided to the inspector that he saw his father washing the car very late while he was drinking in the kitchen.


   John having all the evidence, arrested John for murder of his wife. He confessed to having wanted to kill her because of their arguments and that she wanted the divorce and he was against. Following his confessions Jean was charged for murder to ten years of prison.

The deadly’ bathroom


“ Oh my good he is dead !”… it’s the first sentence i heard

I listen violet run in my room.

“ Oh my good he is dead” repeat violet

“ wait …, please…” i say slowly

“i can’t believe that” insist violet

“keep calm please, and what you cant believe?” I say painfully

“Blanc was dead!” she cry

“wait what ?”

“he is in the bath ! They have many many blood !”

instantly I run in the bathroom, I just… see… blood… very very much blood… it’s just frightening

“I can’t believe that !” I cry

“this is impossible” say slowly violet

blanc is lengthen in the bath. He is in the center of a sea of blood.

“Oh My Good ! Oh My Good ! Oh My Good !” I cry when when I see that

instantly I go in WC

when I go back I speak to violet

“violet, go call the police, me I go call the neighbor”

“ok” he reply

when I leave the house the first thing I see is the mansion of the neighbor of blanc… a big and strange mansion, I go directly to this mysterious house. The men how live her is an ancient marine, and his name is john

When I hit the door an old men open and say :

“what are going there ? Whit a majestic smile.

I reply: “he is dead, he have very much blood !”

“what blanc is dead ? I coming !”

the old men run just in my back

when he enter is the house he say “terrible”

and he go directly in the bathroom

just after he see the body violette coming and say:

“I call police, he coming”

“OK good” I reply

“oh look ” say violette slowly

when I look john I see a small stain of blood

“what is that ?” I say

“it just ketchup !” he reply

“no this is a stain of blood !”

“yes I touch body before you coming !”

“no I am whit you !”

and this is now I remember all… I never say too john blanc is dead, I just say someone is dead !

And I don’t say how is the body, and he go directly in the bathroom !!!

I cry: “ HE IS THE KILLER !”

instantly I close the door and I block the door.

Violette cry

I cry

john cry : OPEN THIS DOOR NOW”

I say “look this windows !”

“we can’t !” reply Violette, if we go in window, he can open the door ! Go in window I block door.

I run… I jumps… I run… and I see a police men.

“Please help me” I cry !

“What is doing ?” he say

“a killer here !”

“I coming”

when we enter in the house, nothing, no sound, just nothing…

I see the bathroom door open and I say slowly “Violete”

and in the bathroom… nothing…

just no body.

Just no blood.

Just no Violette.

it’s impossible.